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What we offer 

This is a personalised session. You’ll receive individualised attention and a workout tailored to your specific goals, fitness level and any physical limitations you may have.

Your instructor will guide you through a series of Pilates exercises, using specialised equipment or mat-based routines, focusing on improving your core strength, flexibility, posture, and overall body awareness. Private Pilates classes are designed to meet your unique needs, making them an excellent choice for achieving your fitness objectives effectively and safely. 

Private 1:1 session 

 During the class, the instructor will work with each client individually, providing specific exercises and adjustments tailored to their body and objectives. This format allows for a more personalised and focused Pilates experience, even though you'll be sharing the session with another participant.

 Duet Pilates classes offer the benefits of individualized attention and instruction while still providing a social and motivating environment as you and your partner or friend work side by side on your own personal Pilates journey. It's an effective way to receive tailored guidance and achieve your fitness goals within a shared, supportive setting.

Duet 2:1 session 

 Trio in Pilates refers to a small group session with three participants led by one instructor. Each person gets their own individually program but also a social way to practice Pilates exercises, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. 

Trio 3:1 session 

An online Pilates class entails participating in Pilates exercises via a virtual platform such as Zoom. In these sessions, your instructor guides you through Pilates or Personal Training exercises selected according to your specific needs and goals.

You'll perform the exercises in your own workout space, incorporating any equipment or props you may have available, such as resistance bands. You’ll receive real-time feedback and interaction with the instructor. Online classes offer flexibility, convenience, and personalised guidance, making them an accessible way to improve strength and flexibility and meet your fitness goals, wherever you may be.

Online Private session 

Personal training sessions are tailored to the individual, making them an effective way to achieve specific fitness goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, improved athletic performance, or general fitness improvement. The trainer's expertise and guidance play a crucial role in helping clients reach their desired outcomes safely and efficiently.

Personal Training 

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